I've already paid for Lifetime access to Ultimate Guitar Tabs HD app for iPad! Why should I pay again?

This is another popular request which the support service gets every day.

1. First of all, are you sure that you've actually purchased a subscription (or Lifetime) to Ultimate Guitar Tabs HD app for iPad and not to Tab Pro service? Please read this article before going further ---> http://support.ultimate-guitar.com/knowledgebase/articles/514232-how-do-i-get-refund-for-tab-pro

2. If you're sure that you've purchased the right thing, maybe this article about restoring the subscription will be helpful ---> http://support.ultimate-guitar.com/knowledgebase/articles/1151626-how-to-restore-a-tabs-hd-subscription-on-ipad

If neither of the articles above is helpful to you, then here's some more information.
Ultimate Guitar Tabs HD app for iPad used to have 2 versions:
  1. Basic version which gave access only to chords and lyrics
  2. Pro version which gave access to:
  • chords and lyrics
  • interactive/Pro tabs with playback
  • chromatic tuner, metronome and chords library
In summer 2015 we stopped offering the Basic version for the new customers as it was too rarely chosen in comparison with Pro version.  
However, you may be one of our long-time clients who had purchased the Basic subscription and is now offered to upgrade to the Pro version giving access to the extra features.

It's always up to your whether to get the Pro version or not.
IMPORTANT: The Pro version of Ultimate Guitar Tabs HD app will not give you access to Tab Pro service (see the first URL above)

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