I have an app on my iPhone. How do I get it on my iPad?

There are 3 different apps (with separate fees) available for Apple products:
Ultimate Guitar Tabs for iPhone/iPod  
Ultimate Guitar Tabs HD for iPad        
and Tab Pro for iPad/iPhone/iPod       

The separate Tab Pro app became a crossplatform in May 2015 and now has multiple subscription plans. Once you purchase any subscription you get access to all platforms including the Web site.

The Ultimate Guitar Tabs app for iPhone/iPod and Ultimate Guitar Tabs HD are not crossplatform and have different billing plans - one time purchase and subscriptions.
But you can always download Ultimate Guitar Tabs app for iPhone/iPod on your iPad for free:
  1. Open the AppStore app.
  2. Choose "iPhone only" filter in the upper toolbar.
  3. Search for our Tabs app for iPhone.
  4. Install it for free using the same Apple ID, that was used for purchase.

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