What is Tab Tracker? How to use it?

Basically Tab Tracker is an extension which allows you to track time you spend on practising a song and keep records of learned chords and techniques.
Apart from that you can record videos and attach them to tabs so that you can see your improvement. To learn more about video recording, please read this article: http://support.ultimate-guitar.com/knowledgebase/articles/1158949-how-to-record-video-in-tabs-hd-ipad-app

To start tracking your progress:
1) Press "Start Tracking" button at the top of the screen.
3) When you've finished practicing press "Stop Tracking" button.
4) If you want to continue practicing, press "Start Tracking" and if you learned this song press "I Can Play"
5) Your results and statistics will be displayed in "Tab Tracker" section of the app.  

 Tap on "songs learned" to see which songs you can play or tap on "daily goal" to keep practicing.

Note: Tab Tracker is not included to Pro Lifetime membership and it should be purchased separately.  

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