How to work with the favorites section of Ultimate Guitar for iOS

  1. To interact with the favorites in UG Pro application for iPhone, you need to be logged into your Ultimate Guitar account
  2. To add a song to your favorites, open a tab you want to save and tap the red Heart icon in the top-right corner. You will be notified that the tab is "Added to favorites". This song is now available for offline use and can be added to a playlist.
  3. To remove a song from your favorites, go to My tabs section. You can either swipe to the left on the tab you want to remove or open the tab and tap the Heart icon, you will be notified that the tab is "Deleted from favorites". 
  4. To interact with playlists, go to according section in My tabs, and press Plus in the bottom-right corner to create a new playlist. To populate it, please open a playlist, and press Plus in the bottom-right corner, you'll see the list of your favorite tabs. To remove tabs from a playlist, use Edit button.

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