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  1. "491"or "963" or "403" or "-24" Android error message / code

  2. "Couldn't install on USB storage or SD card" Android error code

  3. "Error contacting licensing server"

  4. Author's keyboard is missing a chord.

  5. Cancel iPad app subscription

  6. Cancel subscription in Tab Pro android app

  7. Chord Pro doesn't play

  8. Chromatic tuner doesn't work

  9. Guitar doesn't sound like in the original song

  10. How can I add text tab insertion into the song?

  11. How can I make changes to submitted and approved tabs?

  12. How can I print tabs?

  13. How can I view ukulele/bass/drum/etc. tabs only?

  14. How do I cancel my Tab Pro subscription?

  15. How do I change/update my credit card info?

  16. How do I get a refund for iPad/iPhone app?

  17. How do I get refund for Tab Pro?

  18. How do I register an Ultimate Guitar account in Android apps?

  19. How do I register an Ultimate Guitar account?

  20. How do I synchronize my favorites list?

  21. How do Top 100 charts work?

  22. How long does it take for a contribution to get accepted?

  23. How long does it take for a tab to get accepted?

  24. How to add tab to playlist in Tabs HD iPad app?

  25. How to change the order of tabs in favorites?

  26. How to check the status of my tabs (approved or rejected)?

  27. How to create a playlist on Android app?

  28. How to create playlist in Tabs HD iPad app?

  29. How to enable "realistic sounds" in Tab Pro?

  30. How to learn songs with Tab Pro

  31. How to print favorites on iPad

  32. How to remove tab from favorites in Tab Pro on desktop?

  33. How to remove tab from favorites in Tabs HD iPad app?

  34. How to remove tab from favorites?

  35. How to restore a subscription on iPad

  36. How to restore in-app in Tabs&Chords app?

  37. How to restore in-apps in Tabs app for iPhone

  38. How to restore subscription in Tab Pro app on Android

  39. How to solo/mute instruments in Pro Tabs in Tabs HD app?

  40. How to solo/mute instruments in Tab Pro iPad app?

  41. How to turn off notifications on iPhone or iPad

  42. How to unsubscribe from email notifications?

  43. How to work with the favorites section of the Tabs iPhone app

  44. I already paid for the app but I can't access my favorites

  45. I bought app on Android phone. How to get it on iPhone/iPad?

  46. I bought app on iPhone/iPad. How to get it on Android phone?

  47. I bought lifetime but am still getting charged per month.

  48. I bought Tab Pro feature from my Tabs. Where is my access to Tab Pro app?

  49. I bought Tab Pro subscription on my desktop and can't get access on my Android/iPhone/iPad

  50. I can't find the song I'm looking for

  51. I can't find the song I'm looking for

  52. I can't turn on Tonebridge in GarageBand's Inter-App Audio (IAA)

  53. I can't use Tonebridge with my Bluetooth device

  54. I don't have sound in my Tuner Tool. Tuner does not work!

  55. I don't know how to connect my guitar to iPhone / iPad

  56. I forgot my password or username. How do I restore it?

  57. I have an app on my iPhone. How do I get it on my iPad?

  58. I have Ultimate Guitar Tabs HD app on iPad but I'm asked to pay for the iPhone app!

  59. I have Ultimate Guitar Tabs HD app on iPad but I'm asked to pay for the iPhone app! Why?

  60. I hear noise or feedback

  61. I play another instrument/I need sheet music

  62. I purchased the app. How do I install it on my other Android device?

  63. I want a refund for Android app

  64. I want to cancel my Tab Pro trial

  65. I want to change my password or email

  66. I want to change my username

  67. I want to delete my account

  68. I'm a beginner, it's all too complicated for me

  69. I'm a beginner. How do I read tabs?

  70. I'm a contributor and have free access to Tab Pro on desktop, why am I being asked to pay for access to Tab Pro mobile app?

  71. I've already paid for Lifetime access to Ultimate Guitar Tabs HD app for iPad! Why should I pay again?

  72. I've already paid! Why should I pay more?

  73. I've paid for your app but don't remember the username and can't log in

  74. Low sound/tab quality

  75. My iRig Blueturn is not recognized by my iPad

  76. Navigating in Favorites and Playlists

  77. Only some of my approved tabs are shown in the app. Why?

  78. Pop-up ads

  79. Printing option not working. I can't print any tab.

  80. Song originally starts with a clean sound, but the preset gives a distortion sound

  81. Tab Pro vs Ultimate Guitar Tabs & Chords Android. What's the difference?

  82. Tab Pro vs Ultimate Guitar Tabs HD. What's the difference?

  83. Tablature Guide and Tabs Pending Approval FAQ

  84. The demo sound doesn't match the song

  85. There's too much or not enough drive

  86. Ultimate Guitar Tabs & Chords in-apps' description

  87. Ultimate Guitar Tabs in-apps' description

  88. What about license and royalty to musicians?

  89. What does the colored point (above the tabs) mean?

  90. What is Alternative Tuning?

  91. What is Tab Difficulty?

  92. What types of tabs can I create?

  93. Where and how can I create my tabs?

  94. Where are my favorites stored?

  95. Where are my tabs stored?

  96. Where can I find my playlists?

  97. Where is my tab?

  98. Why do i have full access in the app but not on the website? I have to pay for service twice?

  99. Why do I still see ads after purchasing Tabs&Chords?

  100. Why is my tab listed under "unregistered" user?

  101. Why should I register?

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