My iRig Blueturn is not recognized by my iPad

MIDI controllers can be linked to Tabs HD app for iPad via 2 types of MIDI signals.

  • PED
  • BT-105 (a bit outdated)

If you're having troubles with connecting your iRig Blueturn via PED signal then you need to switch mode of your pedal so that it works with BT-105 signal.

iRig Blueturn has 3 different mode configurations.
  1. Arrow up/down,
  2. Page up/down
  3. Arrow left/righ   
The 1st mode of iRig Blueturn works as BT-105 signal and you should switch your pedal to that configuration.  

To change the mode, just hold down the left (up) button when you turn on the device and then you press a combination of the two buttons depending on desired mode.

To be on the safe side with the right mode you can try switching modes on your pedal until it's recognized as BT-105 like on the screenshot below.

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