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[iOS] How to work with Tabs section of Ultimate Guitar for iOS

My tabs

You'll find all your Favorites and Personal tabs in the My tabs section.


You can favorite a tab by tapping the heart icon in the top right corner of the tab.  

Personal tabs

Personal tabs are the tabs you edited. In the list, they have a human icon next to them.


In the Artists section, you'll find all artists (bands, musicians, etc.) from your Favorites, Personal tabs, and Playlists.

You can tap on any artist to see all the tabs you have by this particular artist.


In the Playlists section, you'll find all the playlists you have.

You can add a new playlist by tapping on +.

You can sort your Playlists by Date or Title.

Edit a Playlist

You can delete a tab from a playlist by tapping on Edit  delete icon  Done.

You can add a Favorite or a Personal tab to a playlist by tapping on the plus icon.

You can sort your Playlists by Date or Title.

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