[iOS]How to use Ultimate Guitar for piano

As the name suggests, Ultimate Guitar is made mainly for guitars. But it can be used to play keyboard in a number of ways.

Although there are no specific piano tabs, you can switch any Pro and Official tablature to notes, and see the musical notation instead of the fretboard. The standard notes can be enabled in Settings under the three-dot icon in the top-right corner on a tab’s screen. Here you can find a more detailed instruction on how to enable standard notation in Ultimate Guitar: Chords & Tabs.

As Pro tabs contain different instruments, you can find the actual piano part in the songs that have them.

Please note that at the moment the piano notation is only available in mobile apps, but it will come to the web version soon.

If you are a proficient piano player, you can use the chord tabs. An option to show piano chords diagrams isn’t present in the app, at least yet, but if you already have them memorized and know how to play, you can use the chord tabs as a reference to play the songs on the keyboard along with the lyrics. 

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