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How to get a refund for a subscription?

The steps you take to request a refund depend on the platform you used to subscribe: our website, iOS, or Android app.


First, you need to cancel your subscription.

After you cancel your subscription, you'll receive a cancelation confirmation from us. For refund you can contact us at

Please learn more about our refund policies in our TOS.

iOS app

Developers are unable to issue a refund for Apple iTunes subscriptions.

This official article will help you request a refund from Apple.

Note, you might be logged into a different Apple ID than the one you used to subscribe. Make sure you're using the same Apple ID and go through the steps in the article again.

Android app

Developers are unable to issue a refund for Google Play subscriptions.

This article will help you request a refund via your Google Play account.

Note, you might have several Google Play accounts. You need to log in to the one that you used to buy a subscription to cancel it.

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