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What are Ultimate Guitar Courses?

What are Ultimate Guitar Courses?

Ultimate Guitar Courses – is a new service that can help you boost your musical
skills with access to 2500+ lessons.

You can find Ultimate Guitar Courses here.

What is the difference between Ultimate Guitar Courses and Ultimate Guitar Pro?

Ultimate Guitar Courses and Ultimate Guitar Pro are two different subscription-based services. But you need one UG account to subscribe to both services – no need to create a second account.

With Ultimate Guitar Courses subscription, you get:

  • unlimited access to 2500+ lessons
  • regular Guitar Courses updates
  • access on all platforms (web, Android, iOS). 
  •  filters to find the perfect course for you:
    • topic
    • difficulty
    • instrument
    • genre
  • downloadable additional course materials

Note: all Ultimate Guitar Courses are licensed, which means we pay royalties to copyright owners. That's why we have some restrictions:

  1. You can't download the course itself.

  2. You can't distribute the courses.

Learn more about what a regular Ultimate Guitar Pro subscription gives here.

For educators!

If you want to see your course or lessons on Ultimate Guitar, please contact us at – we'll be happy to discuss the details.

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